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Residential Rehab


BRADAAG’s Residential Rehabilitation service provides a 'home away from home' for men and women. Day programs, cultural outings and health information is provided in a comfortable, relaxed setting with professional and caring staff.

Clients are housed in individual houses, across the road from the main treatment program building and offices. Each house is fully furnished, with up to 5 people in each house. Large lawns and easy access allow clients to mingle with each other before and after the day’s activities.

All meals are provided, and we offer a varied menu from our external caterers. Weekends often include BBQ’s with all clients together.

We have other leisure activities including a pool table, Netflix, a creative art building and a family visiting area.

Speak to one of our experienced Case Managers for more information about life at BRADAAG’s Residential Rehabilitation facility.


Sobering Up Shelter

BRADAAG’s Sobering Up Shelter provides a safe, secure environment for those seeking to avoid alcohol related harm, whether it be from themselves or others.

Open each day from 4pm, males and females over 18 years old can come to the Sobering Up Shelter for a warm dry bed, have their clothes laundered, a cooked breakfast and the chance to speak to professional staff.


Aftercare / Outreach

BRADAAG’s Outreach team are available Monday to Friday 07.00 - 15.30.

Outreach provide a safe place to discuss your circumstances and can provide assistance and advocacy for a wide range of day to day challenges.

Outreach visit Community Living Areas each weekday to provide fresh drinking water and a collection service for people needing a shower and a hot meal.

Outreach have oversight and Case Management of clients living in our Transitional Aftercare Units.

We have daily visits to ensure compliance with our strict No Grog, No Visitor policy.

Clients who complete the 56-day Residential Rehab program can request a Transitional Aftercare Unit placement for a further 13 weeks support.

Our Aftercare team includes our Registered Nurse and provide a follow up service for those who have recently completed their Residential Rehab program.

Contact with the Aftercare team begins on the first day of Residential Rehab with a quick trip to the medical centre. The Registered Nurse will manage any medications that you require during your stay.

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