What we offer

Over the past three decades BRADAAG has been able to grow and adapt its services to suit the needs of the Barkly Region. In addition to the organisation's longest running service - the Sobering Up Shelter, BRADAAG also operates three residential programs as well as an aftercare/outreach service.

  • The BRADAAG Administration Office in Tennant Creek

  • The first service provided by the Barkly Region Alcohol and Drug Abuse Advisory Group Inc. was a Sobering Up Shelter which commenced operation in 1984. Offering a friendly, non-judgemental, safe environment for clients to sleep off the effects of Alcohol & Other Drugs, the Shelter is now a modern, purpose built facility that provides a high level of care. Located at 21 Thompson Street Tennant Creek, the shelter operates from Tuesday to Sunday mornings every week of the year. More information about the Tennant Creek Sobering Up Shelter can be found on the Sobering Up Shelter page.

  • Residential services at BRADAAG include a 12-week residential rehabilitation program for individuals which includes AOD Education, life-skills and work experience components. A family program is also offered in which adults and their children are admitted to the program to help them work together to overcome issues with drugs and alcohol for one or both of the parents. The third program which makes up BRADAAG's residential services is their Post-Release Program which specifically targets clients on their release from the Barkly Work Camp.

  • Helping people while they are transitioning from a rehabilitation program back into normal society is another service provided by BRADAAG's through their Transitional Aftercare and Outreach Program. Alcohol and other drug education, and support to the wider Barkly community is a major focus of this program who operate from a premises in the main street of Tennant Creek as well as surrounding communities.