Finding the right balance

  • June 16-20 Drug Action Week 2014, Bradaag Open Day June 16

    Come along to our open day and meet the staff!
    When: 10am - 2.30pm on Monday 16th June 2014
    Where: Transitional Outreach Aftercare Centre, 162 Paterson St.
    Find out how we can assist you and what programs we offer
    12pm - 1pm Free BBQ Lunch
    All welcome!

    BRADAAG supports and holds an event every year during National Drug Action Week. Over the past few years we have had BBQs and Open Days at its Residential Treatment Centre and Transitional Aftercare/Outreach Centre with a focus on information relating to Alcohol & Other Drugs misuse.

    It is a great opportunity for the Community to come together to raise awareness of Alcohol & Other Drugs misuse within the Barkly Region, as well as provide support to those affected both directly and indirectly by substance misuse.

    For information on other activities around the NT and other states during Drug Action Week, have a look at the official website:

  • Medicine Man

    Earlier this year we launched the Tennant Creek Indigenous Substance Misuse Comic!

    The key focus of the comic is to raise awareness of petrol sniffing issues in the Tennant Creek community, by focusing instead on the positive impact that culture and sport can have on young people.

    The story also acknowledged the difficulty faced by some young people in trying to establish a safe place to grow and develop their own mental health and wellbeing.

    The aim of the campaign is to motivate young Indigenous people to apply their creative energy productively, away from substance misuse, in ways that bring together cultural traditions with modern work opportunities.

    If you haven’t seen the comic or accompanying posters yet, drop by the BRADAAG office for your own copy!

  • Wurli-Wurlinjang Certificate

    BRADAAG would like to thank Wurli-Wurlinjang for this acknowledgement certificate.

    BRADAAG is an organisation committed to the professional development of their staff, encouraging them to attend Conferences, Professional Development and Training to grow their skills in their specialised field. 

    Barkly Region Alcohol and Drug Abuse Advisory Group (BRADAAG) supports the work being carried out by Wurli-Wurlinjang in the area of Professional Development and Training for our indigenous staff members. The training delivered to our staff is greatly appreciated and encourages our staff members to become better mentors and to continually seek out more information on further Professional Development.

    Wurli-Wurlinjang's commitment to this training in a more culturally acceptable process will ensure not only current staff beneift, but also those wishing to enter the AOD sector. It offers them a wider scope for advancement in their specialised field.